The Covenant Foster Youth Story

The Covenant Foster Youth Story is simple. We exist to provide hope and love to children and youth that have suffered abuse and neglect. We restore lives and transform generations!

We envision a future where every foster child lives in emotional, physical, relational and spiritual wholeness thereby ending the cycle of abuse and neglect in our community

Providing hope and love to abused and neglected children

History and Overview

The Covenant Foster Youth Story began long ago.  Here is a brief recap. Covenant Community Services, Inc. (Covenant) is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3)  organization serving foster children and their families in Kern County and through replication efforts, the United States and the world. Covenant serves foster children, former foster youth and their families through a variety of programs and services. Covenant is meeting the needs of “hurting and hopeless” children,youth and families through partnerships with local churches, community-based organizations, individuals and businesses. Covenant exists to transform our community with the love of Jesus Christ one child at a time!

We chose the name Covenant as we believe it reflects our attitude in our relationship with those we serve and those we serve alongside. The word Covenant is defined as “a solemn agreement that is binding on all parties; a promise or pledge”. We consider it an honor to be in “covenant relationships” with the social service community, the private sector, the faith community, our staff, and the individuals, families and children we serve. We know that true transformation can only occur as we, together, work towards solutions and hope.

Covenant was birthed out of a weeklong summer camp serving children living in out-of-home placement due to abuse and neglect. The camp, Royal Family Kids Camp, is a partnership between the “faith community” and the local Child Protective Services system. Established as a ministry of Canyon Hills Church, the original program became an effective multi-service ministry committed to serving some of California’s most troubled young people. What began in 1995 as a small endeavor to serve foster children with love and acceptance, eventually led its directors, Randy and Kim Martin, to develop a Foster Family Agency.

In the spring of 1998, a team of Christian leaders from Canyon Hills Church in Kern County explored the opportunity to partner with the Family Care Network, Inc., a licensed Foster Family Agency in San Luis Obispo County. Through that partnership, a thriving Foster Family Agency sub-office was established in Kern County to recruit, train and certify foster families for the placement of special needs children.  Eventually, the two programs felt the need for more local control and influence and Covenant was formed.

Covenant was established in 2001 as a California Non-Profit Corporation and was developed out of existing services provided to foster children through a weeklong summer camp. The organization was incorporated by a group of local Christian leaders to provide strength-based therapeutic foster care services as an alternative to group home care, shelter care, and out-of-county placements for children and teens.  Covenant went on to apply for licensure as a Foster Family Agency (FFA) in February of 2003.

Since 2003, Covenant has responded to the needs and “gaps” in Kern County social services and has developed a diversified response to provide hope and love. Covenant now provide foster care services, mental health services, consulting, former foster youth housing, mentoring, and family preservation services in Kern County. In 2010, Covenant launched two social enterprises, Covenant Coffee and Covenant Media. You can find out more information about each business at and

For more information about the Covenant Foster Youth Story and Covenant Community Services, Inc. (Covenant), please go to our corporate website

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  1. I am a credentialed elementary special education teacher and CSUB professor who deeply believes in your mission. I would love to provide what support I can for your organization through time and effort. I am happy to do anything you need, and would like to extend my services to tutor and/or provide parent/guardian workshops on the special education process and how to best meet the needs of children with disabilities in a variety of settings. Bless you for all you do. Julie Bowden Teasdale

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