The Party No One Came To

The Party No One Came To begins December 13th at noon and ends December 17th at 9:00pm. Join the Party at

The Party No One Came To - help Covenant help youth!
The Party No One Came To – help Covenant help youth!

So far, these great folks are sponsors:















Here are the Party attendees!


Gary Davis

Doreen Morken

Dan and Sally Panero

Chad Hathaway

Wes and Tracey Bradford

Dero Parker

Party People !!!

  • Curt and Robin Kunzmann
  • Randy and Kim Martin
  • Scott and Kelly Gray
  • Precious Murphy
  • Melissa Farrand
  • Cherese Grell
  • Julie Liebel
  • Nicole Montoya
  • Jerry and Sally Johnston
  • Errol and Judy Shaw
  • Ruthie Alvidrez
  • Paul Amato
  • Kelsey Barrie
  • Bob Bender
  • Gabrielle Berkowitz
  • Katherine Caric
  • Lori Christian
  • Jill Christopher
  • Marilyn Droppers
  • Darrell Feil
  • Linda Ferguson
  • Patrick Fogarty
  • Jan Fulton
  • Todd Gall
  • Tara Gooding
  • Diane Hoover
  • Jaime Johnson
  • Patrick Marchbanks
  • Russell Martin
  • Bob Miller
  • Dave Nielsen
  • Patti Otts
  • Brynn Powers
  • Sandy Reynolds
  • Jeremy Smith
  • Susan St Laurent
  • Tatyana Steele-Hall
  • Shelly Stricklen-Phoenix
  • Jeremy Villa
  • Wendi Wanner

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