Giving Tuesday is what the holidays are all about

You have experienced Black Friday and Cyber Monday but are you enjoying Giving Tuesday? The holiday season can be full of too much busyness, shopping and parties that we forget what the season is all about.

The celebration of Thanksgiving and of Christmas has been marginalized with consumerism. We shop. We buy. And, we are rewarded with bigger and better deals if we leave our family and friends to shop some more. What happened to the spirit of giving? What happened to slowing down and celebrating with thanks?

Giving Tuesday is a response to consumerism and it meets the needs of the less fortunate in our community. Giving Tuesday places the focus on giving not on getting. I hope you take the time to find a charity or nonprofit that can be a recipient of a financial gift this season.

If you would like to give to an organization that serves foster children, foster families and former foster youth then check out Covenant Community Services and Covenant Coffee. Go to

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