Abuse inside foster care system is horrific

News came out this morning of an incident of child abuse and neglect inside the foster care system. This is appalling. It is horrible that a child is ever abused or neglected.  It is shocking and horrific when a child is abused or neglected in a system that is supposed to bring stability and safety.

The first story that came across my news feed was the agonizing tale of abuse in Las Vegas by a purported expert and author. The abuse spanned many years and the details are similar to torture in war. Here is a link to that story: Foster Care Author accused of Child Abuse.

Abuse and neglect claimed the life of 1,545 children in 2011 and 1,640 in 2012. Think about that statistic! If you were to fill a school bus with 40 children in each bus, it would take over 40 bus loads to equal the number of children that perish at the hands of evils related to abuse and neglect. That is shocking. One child death is too many.

In 2012, 686,000 children were victims of child abuse and neglect in the United States. These children represent the shattered lives and broken bones of many children that, unfortunately, go unreported. Sadly, the efforts of government to protect children is failing. But, we must remember it was never the governments job in the first place. (Click here for the full 2012 Child Abuse Maltreatment Report)

Abuse and neglect happens every day in your neighborhood and your community. You are the answer to the question of “how can we protect the children?” You are the voice that can shout out for help. You are the one that can stand in the gap and request an investigation. You are hope!

Please be an advocate for life and for children. Take on the task to be vigilant and report. You may save a life.  It is extremely easy to sit back in judgment and shame those that fight in the field of child welfare. It is easy to take “pot-shots” at foster parents, social workers, lawyers, the system and so on. It is easy but wrong. Get involved. Be the hope!

Please read the following fact sheet from the Administration for Children and Families regarding recognizing abuse and neglect and being involved in the solution.

If you would like to discuss being part of the solution in Kern County, California, please contact Covenant Community Services, Inc. and ask about mentoring, foster care, transitional housing or any of the services Covenant offers foster children, former foster youth and foster families.


One thought on “Abuse inside foster care system is horrific

  1. All I can say is I have a hard time even having faith in the child protective services. All they are is a big adoption agency, they spend their time taking adoptable age children from loving homes ,where they have never been hurt and neglected ,make the parents take class after class prolonging the time that their children are in their care and even after the parent completes the classes they have already decided to keep their children and adopt them out to the foster families . The sad thing is why are they allowed the power to break up good families based on heresay and the children that are really in danger and that need their help are being sadly overlooked or they decide that the child isnt adoptable and they return them to their home anyway and then they are left to the destructive homes and god only knows what happens and then children that were perfectly safe and happy lose their loved children and their lives are destroyed . Personally I believe that child protective services has been given to much power and authority and they are definately abusing it without thought or reguard to those it effects. When they say in the best interest of the children they are really looking out for their best interests not the childrens. If they were doing their job correctly alot more lives would be saved and less would be destroyed.
    Child Protective Services should be stopped or atleast not have the power to tear families up 1st and foremost they should be profamily not proadoption!!!!!!!!

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